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F O R  Y O U R  T R I A L


Bringing pictures is a given, but don't feel as though you need to narrow it down to just one option. Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration, but a lot of the pictures you'll find will only show the hair from one angle. If you love the front of one look but the back of another, you Artist can work to incorporate elements of your favorite ideas. Also helpful are photos of things that you DON't like. Sometimes you can't quite put your finger on it, but showing what isn't your style is just as helpful. Your Artist can look at a range of photos and even if they seem a bit unrelated to the eyes of the bride to be, we can usually pull a common theme from them. Bring a photo of your dress-this can help your stylist get a sense of your personal style. Plus, your Artist can help you determine the best look based on the neckline of your dress


If you're in love with a particular style, ask your stylist if she'd recommend changing anything about your current cut and color to make it look its best. You may find that your style would look better with side-swept bangs, adding extensions for fuller longer hair, or maybe cutting layers into your long locks.Your Artist may also suggest something subtle, like parting your hair on the opposite side or overextending the part. Our Artists have been specifically trained in the art of bridal hair and can help guide you towards your perfect look, both in person and on camera.


Make sure your hair is clean and dry upon arrival if you are having a formal style. If you use a flat iron to help tame frizz that's fine, just please keep ironing to a minimum. If you are planning on a blow out we ask that you arrive with your hair damp and freshly washed, no products. 


Your veil can completely transform your hairstyle. It's important for your stylist to know how your veil attaches, whether you're going to wear it all night, and if you're planning to add any other hair accessories as well. If you haven't picked a hair accessory yet, or purchased a veil, thats okay too.


First and foremost, choose a style/look you are comfortable with. If you never wear your hair up, you wedding day is not the day to put it to the test. You should recognize the person you see in the mirror and later in your photos. It's about making you look and feel like the best unveiled version of yourself!

  • Choose inspiration photos that compliment your dress 

  • Consider your hair, its length (be open to extensions) and your texture

  • The time of year. Although I love hair down, it may not be the best choice on a hot humid August day.

  • Your face shape. This is where our Artist can help you choose the most flattering style.

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