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If you have any further questions, please email us at or through our contact page


How far in advance should I book my services with Unveiled?

It's never too early to reserve your wedding day services with us. The sooner you book with us the more likely we are to have your date available as we generally book weddings 6-12 months in advance.

Is there a minimum number of appointments required to reserve your services? 

No, but prices on our menu are based upon parties of 5 or more. There is no minimum for services and trials held in our studio.

How far will you travel?

We are happy to travel to wherever you need us. That even means outside the United States! In some cases travel charges may be applicable and in that case will be listed on your contract at time of booking. Any journey exceeding two hours may incur an overnight cost.

How do I reserve Unveiled Bridal Services?

Please contact us directly to get the process started.

Can I have a trial run before booking?

Sure, we can do that for you, but please understand your date will not be reserved until a contract and retainer are in place. We do not hold dates pending trial runs. Trial runs 

Do you have a studio? Do you come to me?

Yes, and yes! We typically do consultations, trial runs, bridal/engagement hair, and all other 'pre-wedding' appointments in our studio located in Central New Jersey. However, we are also available to come on site to you for those appointments for an additional travel fee. On wedding days,travel on site to your location is included (within 45 minutes). Please contact us to get further information.

Do you offer military discounts? 

We at Unveiled, appreciate the hard work you and/or your partner have done to help our country. We would like to recognize your selfless contributions by offering $25 off any wedding contract to any active duty or reserve military bride or groom as a small token of our gratitude; just make sure to mention it to us. We appreciate you more than you know and we thank you for your service.

Do you stay the entire day?

We offer the option to all of our brides to have us stay at your wedding for as long as you desire for a minimal fee. The wonderful thing about having us stay for touch-ups and/or hair changes, is your photographer and bridal party get to just do their job. During photos we will be there to fix stray hairs and essntially act as a personal assistant for you so your photogpraher isn't wasting time in-between snapping photos to adjust anything. We also make sure you are aisle ready for your ceremony, and looking great right before you enter your reception. The amount of time that we stay is completely up to you with a minimum of 2 hours.

Are you able to accommodate last minute requests for hair services on the day of our wedding?

Yes, if time allows we will gladly fulfill any additional requests as long as it does not interfere with clients who had reserved their services in advance.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash payments, transactions via venmo. A check will only be accepted for retainer purposes.

Do you charge a travel fee?

A travel fee is only applied when driving time is longer than 45 minutes each way from our studio.

How will I know if there will be any additional costs other than the detailed hair services in your menu?

If and when there are any additional fees including but not limited to travel, holiday, additional artists, etc., you will know at the time you sign your contract. You never have to worry about any 'hidden' costs being added with Unveiled. Any fees will be updated in your contract prior to signing. 

How do I request a pricing for your services?

Please visit our contact page and fill out an inquiry form with as much information as possible. We try our best to respond within 24 hours.

Why is the brides hair service more expensive than the bridal party?

More time and attention is spent with the bride from the very first day of contact, up until the day of the wedding. From phone calls, emails, contracts, and creating day-of timelines, to the extra time spent getting the bride ready on her big day; placing her veil, additional touch-up time, our focus is always on her. 

Is gratuity automatically included?

Gratuities are left to the discretion of our clients and are not reflected in our pricing. However, they are always greatly appreciated in reflection to how you enjoyed your services.

Trial Sessions

What is a trial?

A trial session is a consultation and a preview of your desired hair style for your special occasion. 

What happens at the trial session?

On your trial date, you will meet with your artist who will be with you on the day of your wedding. A trial run consists of going over your wedding details, discussing any pertinent beauty considerations prior to the wedding, and finally going over the hair inspiration looks you have in mind for yourself. We will make recommendations as needed, and once we have an agreed upon game plan, we will execute the hair look, and will go back and make adjustments as necessary based upon your feedback. We then take photographs and notes so we can replicate the look again on your wedding day.

When should I book my trial session?

Unveiled Artists are generally booked 6-12 months in advance, so it's important to schedule your trial as soon as possible if you prefer to have a trial before securing your date. For many brides, a retainer is sent well before their trial appointment to ensure their wedding date is held. We feel the best time for a hair trial is 30-60 days prior to your wedding date. This allows the artist to ensure your requested style is attainable with your current hair length and texture. It also allows the artist to make haircare recommendations that the bride may need to get her hair in a smoother or healthier state.


Is the trial session necessary for the bride?

Although it's not required, it's highly recommended as it gives the artist an opportunity to get to know you better and what your vision is. Because wedding mornings are generally fast paced, it's more relaxed for both the bride and the bridal artist to recreate what has already been mapped out on the day of the trial and each look will only improve on your wedding day! Trust us, it's an important part of the process!

Can I schedule my trial on the day of my engagement photos?

Yes, you can, but it's not recommended.  In theory this is a great idea, however, you don't want to look the exact same in your engagement pictures as you do on your wedding day, do you? We always suggest doing a separate engagement hair appointment as the trial is really a day to lock down and preview your wedding day look. Engagement looks are generally a little more relaxed and casual. 

You don't offer makeup services but I was really hoping to have my makeup and hair trial together.

No problem! We love when you have both services done together so you can get the best idea of your finished look. If you are booking your makeup with one of our preferred makeup artists we can connect with them to setup your trial together either at our studio or theirs!

Is there a specific time or day you do trials?

Trials are generally booked M-Th. Weekends are based upon availability and may have to be rescheduled if a wedding party is booked. Trials can be done at any time thats convenient for you in our studio.

I'm unsure about which hairstyle look I want for my wedding day, can your artist help?

Of course! Each and every one of our artists are very experienced in providing our brides with tips and suggestions on looks and styles that best suit their features. If you can provide us with a few hairstyle inspiration photos of the look you love (prior to your trial session), we can get a better idea as to what your personal style is before we start the designing process.

What if I have short hair and want it to look longer or I want my hair to appear fuller?

We have the perfect solution for you! Contact us for more information our visit our Hair Extensions page.

Do you offer on-location services for my hair trial?

Yes! Trials are generally booked at our studio or the studio of one of our preferred makeup artists when we are creating your look together, but can also be done in the comfort of the location of your choice for an additional cost depending on location. 

Can I try more than one hairstyle?

Yes, you certainly can try more than one, but we do ask that you try and pin point your 2 favorites. If you have too many choices it can get overwhelming for you and can sometimes lead to an unsuccessful trial or a client who is still unsure of what they want. It's also difficult to maintain the hair if it is put up and taken down several times and can start to look untidy.

What should I bring/prepare for my trial session?

  • Please come with your hair washed the day of

  • Bring any hair accessories you will be using on your big day

  • Bring any photos of hairstyles you do like, as well as pictures of styles you do not like. 


How long does it take to do an engagement session look?

Plan on an hour depending on what type of hairstyle you would like.

How soon do I need to book your services for my engagement shoot?

Its best to reserve our time as soon as you pick the date for your session to ensure one of our artists will be available.


Are you able to stay with me during the engagement shoot for touch ups?

Absolutely! Kindly refer to our hourly touch up rate in our menu.

Can I book an engagement session on a weekend?

Weekends are based upon availability as they are generally reserved in advance for wedding events. 

Can I schedule my trial on the day of my engagement photos?

Yes, you can, but it's not recommened. In theory this is a great idea, however, you don't want to look the exact same in your engagement pictures as you do on your wedding day, do you? We always suggest doing a seperate engagment hair appointment as the trial is really a day to lock down and preview your wedding day look. Engagement looks are generally a little more relaxed and casual. 

wedding day

Can you give me an overview of what I can expect on my wedding day?

According to the timeline given, our team will arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to set up. Please make sure everyone arrives on time for their scheduled service so the day can run as smoothly as possible. We will service each guest that has reserved their services and provide a complimentary touch up to all of your girls who have received a service with us.  

Will my hair take the same amount of time to complete as it did at my trial?

No, you cannot base your day of timing off of your trial. Since you've had a trial you can expect your day of hair service to be a shorter time since your Artist is already familiar with your hair and what works best to achieve your desired look.

How should I prepare for my wedding day hair?

There seems to be a misconception that you shouldn’t have clean hair if you’re having it put up. If you arrive for your service and your hair needs washing, the likelihood is that your Artist won’t be able to style it properly due to a build up of oil on the roots. This prevents us getting any root lift in the hair and is also unpleasant for your stylist. If you wash your hair every day then wash it the morning of the wedding day. If you wash it every three to four days, than the day before will suffice. Remember to ask your stylist whether they want your hair wet or dry for their arrival as this will depend on what styling is being done. If you or any of your guests are having a blow dry style please make sure the hair is wet without product at time of appointment. 


Do you provide a wedding day timeline of hair services for the bride?

In order to ensure our services will run smoothly and on time for our bride, we will prepare a timeline of your wedding day hair schedule no later than 1 week in advance. It is up to the bride as to the order her bridal party will be receiving services. This timeline will be based upon the desired finish time of the bride as well as the time your photographer and/or videographer will need you ready by.

Why do you provide a wedding day timeline?

When you book us for your wedding day services, we'll send you a coordinated schedule that is based upon the time you or your photographer have discussed with us that you need to be ready by. With the timeline you'll know exactly when we'll start and when you can expect to finish. Our team is extremely punctual, we know how important your wedding day is and we will guarantee you will be ready in time.

My bridal party is being difficult about who goes first. What do I do?

We offer a complimentary touch-up for all services we've completed so they will look fresh and polished before we leave. No matter the style, we guarentee you won't be disappointed regardless of your start time. 

Are you willing to stay extended hours if the bride/bridal party wants touch-ups?

Yes, we believe it is very important for the bride and her party to look perfect all day as there will be numerous amounts of pictures being taken. Please refer to our hourly rate on our menu for this luxury service.

I'm the bride, should I get my hair done last?

This question always startles me because of the misconception women have been led to believe, usually by another 'professional.'  Going towards the end of the timeline so you can lounge around all morning and not worry about roughing up your hair yes, but no not last. We use the best professional products to ensure your style will last you all day. By having a trial done we are able to learn how your hair holds a curl or a particular style. From what we learn at your trial we can then make any adjustments to the strength of hairspray and hair prep products depending on if your curl or style 'dropped' too much or maybe even not enough. I always recommend that the bride does not go last! By going last you may not feel as relaxed as you should because it's almost time to get dressed and ready to go and by that time the room starts to get a little hectic. Your girls are rummaging through their bags trying to locate their missing shoe or undergarments-get the picture?  

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