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Healthy Summer Hair

Summer is in full speed! What could be better than warm sunny days, white sun dresses and icy cold chai lattes? That sounds like pure perfection if you ask me…Summer, however, can bring a few challenges to our hair. Summer heat can damage our locks, give us very oily scalps, and even turn our hair green when in contact with chlorine (yes, this can actually happen). But, fear not! We are here to your rescue and want to share some amazing and simple summer hair tips!

Reduce Heat

If you're going to spend a long day in the sun, we recommend either applying a deep conditioner containing SPF protection or covering your scalp with a hat. Another way of protecting your hair is to avoid heat styling as much as possible (we know this can be challenging, but your hair will be screaming "ahh, thank you!"). The easiest way to score protected (but gorgeous) summer strands? Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray, which imparts a slight bend, major sheen, and UV protection.

Limit Chlorine Damage

Ever heard of that green tint swimmers get on their hair after too much exposure to chlorine? The key to avoiding that greenish color and chlorine damage is to prep your hair before taking a swim. Since dry hair acts like a sponge, you should rinse your hair first with tap water before diving in to ensure it will absorb significantly less chlorine. After the swim, rinsing the hair with some apple cider vinegar and water will limit further chlorine damage. This will help you kiss that dreaded green summer hair goodbye!

Wash Your Hair Less

Have you ever heard the recommendation to wash your hair everyday during the summer because it helps control oily scalps? Oh, really? Actually, frequent washing strips your scalp from its natural oils, stimulating an additional production of oil. The solution to this is to wash your hair less. On break days, make sure to rinse your hair with cold water since it closes the cuticle and seals its moisture. A great DIY treatment to control oil secretion in your scalp, is to mix 2-3 tbsp of coconut water with the juice of one lemon. Apply the mixture to your scalp and massage it for 5 minutes before rinsing it with cold water. For best results, do this as a weekly treatment

Fighting Frizz

We've all been there where we feel like our hair grows in size the second we step outside on that hot humid day. Frizzy hair tends to be a challenge, especially in those summer months. Create an easy frizz taming spray by mixing Redken Argan Oil and water. This will help moisturize your hair while taming it against the humidity. *Hot Tip* switch to a double set wide tooth comb for detangling your hair as well as a microfiber towel which well help reduce friction in the hair (you can find these in bulk at bi's)!

Drink More Water

We will never hear it enough- drink more water! Not only ids it indispensable for our body and mind, but it also does wonders to your hair! Remember that water will always hydrate your hair and scalp. In addition to drinking 2-3 liters of water a day, make sure that you are eating delicious healthy foods that are booking hair growth.

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